February 23

Can Analog Thinking Shake Up Our Digital World?

Old methods of thinking might assist new marketing efforts. Is there room for analog thinking and production in an increasingly digital world? Could marketing agencies benefit from using old-school methods to produce cutting-edge promotional concepts? I’m not particularly referring to creating traditional advertising, like print ads or radio. I’m thinking more along the line of.

January 30

2012 Trends – The Insurance C-level Perspective

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you know that we are into 2012. In recent posts I have offered up trends specific to the internet technology (IT) industry and social media/public relations industry. To follow the “2012 trend” theme that I seem to be covering as of late, how about we look at the.

January 17

2012 Top-10 PR and Social Media Trends

            2011 wasn’t without its PR blunders from the BP oil spill to the Netflix brand debacle. Social media, more accurately termed social engagement, in 2011 had “stellar” examples on what NOT to do. Cases like Kenneth Cole’s tasteless “Cairo” tweet proved to work as a “wake-up-call” to the corporate/business.