April 3

Is Consumerization of IT Infiltrating Your Business?

    Consumer = You’re Not In Control To see an example, let’s look at Waste Management’s experience when the company replaced the established enterprise hardware and software with consumer-market tablets. Waste Management experienced a serious repercussion to the decision to switch.  The company discovered that the provider of the tablet operating system did not.

March 26

Are Laptops Outdated?

iPads, Not Always A Laptop Replacement   Bill Martin the CIO of Royal Caribbean claims, “The iPad is an incredibly personal device.” Royal Caribbean is taking a gamble by putting iPads in all staterooms of the newly-renovated cruise ship, Splendor of the Seas. The purpose you ask? The iPads will improve customer service and the.

March 19

Tablets! They’re Coming to a Business Near You!

      As you know… tablets, iPads, netbooks, Blackberry’s, Androids, iPhones are all the rage. Other than all the rage, this technology is also: Highly desired! HOT and trendy! Just in its infancy Cutting-edge technology Coveted by businesses to attain a competitive advantage. Some companies are already utilizing tablet technology with mixed results. The.