April 25

“iPads – Coming To A Workplace Near You.”

Windows S Tablets: Intriguing…and very cool!         “We’re in the fashion industry,” Neil Goodrich, Director of Business Analytics and Technology for Holly Hunt explains, “and iPads are what’s cool. It wasn’t a discussion.” iPads still possess a definite cool factor, iPads are often the automatic choice when companies decide to roll out.

April 18

“Listen to the Professionals…and Experiment.”

Don’t Forget the Camera Holly Hunt’s Director of Business Analytics and Technology, Neil Goodrich, decided that the firm should perform an experiment. Goodrich gave iPads to selected warehouse employees and asked the selected staff members to use the devices to perform regularly-assigned tasks. Not surprisingly, the employees immediately started using the camera. Here’s why the.

April 9

Experts Required!

Tapping Developer Expertise Want to initiate a tablet mandate in your company?  It is only fair to warn you that hiring iOS developers won’t necessarily help you to accomplish your objective. Why? The reason is because the combination of mobile development and enterprise IT expertise is extremely difficult to find.          .