January 14

“Strategic Marketing – It’s for Small Business Too!” Part 2

Strategic C’s Once you have assessed your competencies in order for an effective marketing strategy you must be aware of the relationship of the Strategic C’s. Subnash Jain (1999) of the University of Connecticut says the 3 C’s involve: Customer Competition Company Let’s look at strength assessment. Jain (1999) states that one of the keys.

January 10

“Strategic Marketing – It’s for Small Business Too!” Part 1

Because the economic environment can be very dynamic and fluid, small businesses need to perform periodic assessments to determine the businesses position, mobility and health in the market. And you are that business. Reynolds and Lancaster (2007) advise that when businesses are performing strategic planning to determine the company’s future marketing efforts, that those efforts.

January 7

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Subhash C. Jain is a Marketing Department Professor and Director of the Center for International Business Education and Research at the University of Connecticut. If you are interested in more access to his materials and marketing insight try these links. http://www.alibris.com/booksearch?author=subhash+jain http://www.business.uconn.edu/cms/p461/u176/mc/r http://www.marshpub.com/Global%20marketing.htmTweet