March 16

Part 1 of 2 “Who’s Ready to Plan a Vacation?”

Ah, the thought of that next big vacation! Maybe you’ll choose Hawaii this time. Ooh, how about going to the desert for some golf? That is if you enjoy golf. Here’s an idea…what if you plan that big trip to Europe? Not just any trip…I say you go on one of those all inclusive tours..

March 13

“Do You Feel Like You’re Herding Cats?”

As I was spending my days, and nights, going through the MBA program two very interesting insights became extremely clear. I enjoy the heck out of doing research. I simply enjoy learning, and sharing it with others. I encountered many textbooks for various courses I was required to take…and believe me there were a lot!.

February 2


I received this blog post from Talent Simply copy and paste the web address below into your browser. The post delves into the importance of strategic execution of business campaigns and marketing programs. Tweet