January 26

Do You Want to Create Loyal Customers?

Loyalty Marketing Strategies Part 1 Critical Components Loyalty develops by creating a positive emotional connection with a person (or brand) through a series of positive interactions or transactions. Over time interactions/transactions become a part of the normal routine and in turn nurture a positive relationship. That’s why companies for over 35 years have been fostering.

August 14

“A Marketing Lesson from Miley Cyrus.”

How is Miley Cyrus’ new hair; which is very bold, very blonde, and very, very short, related to marketing and promoting your business? Sometimes you have to be radical in your thinking to be competitive in the marketplace. There are occasions when you need to change how you have done your marketing for your firm.

June 6

“Hold On, Don’t Go Off Half-Cocked!”

I’m big on staying ahead of the competition, and doing innovative things to give clients the competitive advantage. Think innovative! Implement some innovative strategies! Innovation strategy in any business involves aligning the product life cycles of the company with their various research and development activities. In other words, be on top of the services and.