August 8

4 Steps to Work-Out Your Social Media Strategy

All the discussion over the past few years revolving around social media has companies of all kinds striving for the same brass ring, the same dream. You are after that same brass ring, huh? Social media has taught us all, and conditioned us to: Attain more friends and contacts Tweet your thoughts and interests Pin.

May 5

Blog Baby, Blog!

Are you one of those business owners or managers who don’t feel it is worth the time to create an authoritative blog for your company website? Or maybe you feel you have nothing to say? Or are you one of those companies that started a blog, yet you don’t schedule time or resources to consistently.

April 26

Part 2 of 2 “Social Media – Oh Hey, One More Thing…”

You are probably well-aware of such terminology as: Nielsen ratings Nielsen diary CPM – cost per thousand HUT – households using television Share – HUT viewing specific programming Focus groups These are just an example of a few tools that are used to measure the effectiveness and accuracy of traditional media. You know traditional media.