May 12

Professional Writing = Increased Brand Image

Experienced marketing copywriters work in close collaboration with you, the business owner, to create written content that enhances your company’s visual appeal, market reach, popularity and credibility. Why should you choose a professional copywriter? Flexibility Client-driven customized strategy Able to supply content for any industry Thorough understanding of the Internet and search engines analytics Skilled.

February 18

You Want Engaging Content – Make It Relevant!

Relevant enduring, also known as evergreen, content by definition is informational or reference material that has virtually no expiration date. Furthermore this content ideally retains value over the long-term. The timeless nature of evergreen content is good for websites striving to build lasting readership. Good evergreen material can be used over and over by the.

May 29

Increase Readership – Stimulate Your Response Rate

Would you be interested to learn best practices for copy regardless of the media? How about best practices for direct mail and e-mail marketing specifically? Do you happen to be a copywriter, a manager that approves copy, an agency client, or business owner who creates and/or approves direct mail and email copy? If so, then.