November 15

Culture Isn’t Just for Yogurt – Part 4

  Language Barriers Language barriers are a major concern when dealing with any non-English speaking culture…agreed? Just like I have heard people say in this country, the same goes for persons who live in China. Chinese citizens appreciate non-Chinese speaking people to learn Chinese. So I suppose it goes without saying that it is a.

November 9

Culture Isn’t Just for Yogurt – Part 3

          CIA statistics indicate that, as of October 2011, the estimated population of China was 1,347,160,000…that’s a lot of people! And yes, that is the CIA as in the Central Intelligence Agency…who knew! I digress…China’s population has increased over the last 5 years. As of the mid to late 90’s the.

October 31

Culture Isn’t Just for Yogurt – Part 2

  It seems a good place to start this next section is to address the basics for arriving in China…other than just knowing Chinese. In the previous post I provided you with some practical tools for newcomers. The following section will help you, or a representative of your company, to ease into life in China..