December 10

Culture Isn’t Just for Yogurt – Part 7

    This FINAL section will examine, or maybe even expose, 3 last dynamics you should know when performing business with your Chinese business partners. The last 3 areas we are going to explore are neither the least important, nor the most important. All of the cultural information that I have provided should be taken.

December 2

Culture Isn’t Just for Yogurt – Part 6

    In this section, we are going to address some very essential business guidelines, and the fine points of finalizing business deals in China. These 2 areas are vital for your business to “blossom” in China. Business Guidelines U.S. intelligence consultation firm, Kroll Associates offers crucial guidelines for your business relations in China. Investigate.

November 25

Culture Isn’t Just for Yogurt – Part 5

Relationships in Business Okay, so I had to take that little detour over the last couple posts into tips on how to get the most out of your “Black Friday shopping” experience. Let’s get back into the swing of learning more about conducting business in China. So far I have addressed: General currency facts Required.