Dynamic AVI

Seattle’s premier audio and video (A/V) integration company







This was another project from Chris Shockley. Dynamic AVI wanted to replace the company’s website with a new, more user-friendly version. Chris contacted me to ask if I was available to create fresh content for the company’s new website. My answer of course was, “Yes!” I have always been intrigued with high-end audio/visual equipment. This project was a match made in heaven. I loved every minute of it!


Katy Limousine & Transportation

Content for the premier limousine provider in Katy, Texas.








This project came via Chris Shockley, owner of Envision Design Solutions (http://www.envisiondesignsolutions.com/) as well. Email me ([email protected]) or call me (253-670-1262).


Galveston Transportation Services

Created new written content for this Houston-area (shuttle & limousine) transportation services provider.


GTS Screen Shot






This project came via Chris Shockley, owner of Envision Design Solutions (http://www.envisiondesignsolutions.com/). Email me ([email protected]) or call me (253-670-1262).


Optometric Physicians of Washington

Supplied written content as well as creating the webpage structure for the new Optometric Physicians of Washington website.


OPW landing page






The Optometric Physicians of Washington were transitioning to a new website designed by ATS. Email me ([email protected]) or call me (253-670-1262).


Fife Milton Edgewood Chamber of Commerce

Check out our revised Chamber website!


Chamber home page reduced






CEO, Lora Butterfield, asked me if I would be willing to go through and freshen the written content. Email me ([email protected]) or call me (253-670-1262).


V7 Information Systems

The content on the V7 website provides an excellent example of technical content written in layman’s terms.


V7is screen capture






I acquired this project through an IT colleague, Nathan Finch. Nathan specifically asked that the content be revised to have a more overall business-friendly feel. I believe I accomplished that goal. Email me ([email protected]) or call me (253-670-1262).


Picture Perfect Pest Management LLC – Atlanta, GA metropolitan area

I am proud to say that I supplied all the written content for the Residential, Commercial, and Seasonal Pest pages.







The Picture Perfect Pest Management (PPPM) project was acquired through LinkedIn via Angela Berry a web designer based in the Atlanta area. At the time, Angela was in search of a marketing copy-writer for this particular project. After Angela contacted me and I started on the project, I asked Angela in a subsequent phone call what induced her to contact me? Angela replied, “I liked what you had to say.” And the rest was history. Recently, Angela reported to me that the PPPM website is receiving a high amount of traffic and the owner has been complimented on the new website content. If you like what you discovered on the PPPM site – email me ([email protected]) or call me (253-670-1262).


Orion Home Improvements LLC – Manassas, VA (Northern Virginia)

Below is a sample of the written content I supplied for the client. I did supply all of the written content for the company’s new website.


Orion new






The copy-writing project for the new Orion Home Improvement website became available through Pertango. Pertango is a web design/marketing firm based in Tacoma, WA. I enjoyed writing the content for this site because of the targeted nature of the content. What do I mean by targeted nature? The content was specifically targeted at homeowners living in homes 10-plus years old. Homes in this age-range tend to start requiring attention to the roof, siding, gutters etc. Email me ([email protected]) or call me (253-670-1262).


21st Century Goods LLC – Salt Lake City, UT metropolitan area

Below are samples of sections for which I supplied written content.



















I hope you enjoyed the content on the 21st Century Goods website. This project came to my attention through a network contact of mine, Bill Kauffman. Bill is friends with the owner of 21st Century Goods, Win Rasband, and he referred me to Win. I spoke with Win via phone on a couple occasions to take note of the company’s important copy points. My focus was to make the copy more conversational, interject white space, and use of bullets to draw the readers eye down the page. Email me ([email protected]) or call me (253-670-1262).