June 12

What’s the Forecast?

Accurate Projections – Use Pro Forma Statements As a key decision maker in your business, let’s say you decide on setting a goal for the year of a 10% increase in sales or a 5% increase in net income. To achieve that objective is not as easy as you might think. There are numerous factors.

October 18

Ratio Analysis – It’s Greek to Me!

We’re having fun now, huh? We have covered the basic groundwork on the nature of your company’s financial statements, and the statements significance. Ratios have the ability to expose your company’s many strengths and weaknesses in relation to other companies in your industry. How about we take a look at ratios? Ratio analysis is the.

October 5

The “Naked” (Skinny) on Financial Statements!

Let me be clear…if you have investments, other than your business, you receive financial statements in the form of quarterly and annual reports, correct? Have you ever taken the time to go through those reports? Oh, you don’t have time? Make time! With a little training and studying you will be able to glean the.