About Me

Copy-writing is my passion. I enjoy creating marketing and motivational copy that helps business grow and thrive.

Relevant and current research, accumulated experience, creativity, and improvisational skill are tools I use to take a clients’ message from concept stage to publication. The goal is to create copy that embodies the message that best represents your company’s voice.

My writing experience runs the gamut.

Commercial Copy

Creating radio and cable TV commercial copy was where my journey began. The trick I picked up on quickly when developing effective commercial copy is that the script must be conversational. I learned how to  write copy for any business. As producer/directors, we never knew what client our sales staff would bring in the door, so we had to be flexible. One day I may have been asked to write copy to promote a big sale at a local car dealership and a seasonal sale at the big sporting goods store in town. The next day I may be creating copy for a Mexican restaurant and a nursery. To effectively write copy for these varied businesses, I learned what questions to ask to be able to compose copy that communicated the most effective message.


Academic Experience

The experience I gained through my academic career was crucial. Going through the MBA program provided me with opportunities to write on a wide variety of topics in numerous academic subjects. I gained valuable experience writing short-form and long-form papers. The most influential and useful class was my very first – Managerial Writing. Just the experience I gained from this class was invaluable. I learned the nuances of writing all forms of business letters (solicitation letters, refusal letters, acceptance letters, dispute letters etc.). These letters focused not only on B2B, but also B2C.

I didn’t just go through the MBA program writing business letters. No, no, no. I gained indispensable experience writing critical analyses, case studies, and research papers for topics related to Managerial Accounting, Global Marketing, Strategic Marketing, Managerial Economics, Operational Management, and Project Management. Along with the important writing experience, learning how to efficiently do research was a critical skill to master.



Another branch of my experience came about thanks to Wesley Homes. Wesley Homes gave me the wonderful opportunity to interview their residents, staff, and employees for articles in their monthly newsletter and e-newsletter. I had the chance to meet and interview some very interesting and dedicated people, which was very enriching and rewarding.


Website Content

The final addition to my blend of experience has come from composing and/or revising written content on company websites and posting articles on my blog. This experience is not just about the writing, but incorporating the right words – the right words as far as Google Analytics is concerned. Actually, the analytics make the writer use the correct words to improve the relevance of the content – and therefore, improve the ranking of the webpage.

My Portfolio

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