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You Want Engaging Content – Make It Relevant!

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Relevant enduring, also known as evergreen, content by definition is informational or reference material that has virtually no expiration date. Furthermore this content ideally retains value over the long-term. The timeless nature of evergreen content is good for websites striving to build lasting readership. Good evergreen material can be used over and over by the general public, creating a built-in guarantee of continuing visits to your company website. The quality of the content in terms of presentation, clarity, and usefulness will go a long way towards dictating the popularity of your organizations website.

By nature, readers and customers need or want information immediately, whether searching for financial guidance, general information, information on a particular industry or company, career-focused subjects, or hobby-specific material. In reference to your firm’s website, evergreen content provides answers to visitors and virtually guarantees a stream of regular traffic to your company website or blog. Timeless, long-term articles and posts are always relevant and virtually stand the test of time.
Evergreen content also creates a win-win situation.

Now we’ll explore in more detail specific examples of evergreen content.

Excellent illustrations of various forms of evergreen content:

  • Videos: This category is the most popular of all. Consumers love videos. For example, videos are the biggest driver to draw visitors to Facebook. The other benefit that posting videos offers improving the SEO on your company website. Videos are especially effective when illustration is needed to demonstrate a particular action; such as how to tie-dye a T-shirt or repair a hole in sheetrock. Videos help visitors remain on your organization’s website longer (“stickiness”). This “stickiness” improves your firm’s website ranking with Google – and by the way, that’s a good thing!
  • How-To Posts: Posts that fit in this category are the most popular form of evergreen content. Ironically, this particular post is a “how-to” post. Readers are able to take immediate and direct action from the information in a “how-to” article and this information remains valuable for the long-term.
  • Lists: When it comes to the most shared posts on social media platforms, lists are the most popular. Readers enjoy posts incorporating lists because of the relatable nature of lists. Marketers utilize articles and posts that feature lists because the content remains relevant without needing to be touched for years.
  • Annual Posts: Visitors to websites enjoy reading a company’s annual post in order to learn what the company accomplishments were in the past year and how the company is planning for the year to come. Annual posts are an excellent vehicle to celebrate the company’s victories with customers. The advantage of annual posts to organizations is this category of content is simply another installment of the same article to create an ongoing series that readers anticipate.
  • Product Reviews: Current and potential customers are attracted to product reviews because reviews assist customers in the buying process to compare products, and therefore consumers find reviews authentic and beneficial. This category of content tends to improve SEO because the content attracts readers and keeps visitors on your website longer purely because of the nature of the content.
  • Quizzes: Quizzes are different from the other illustrations of evergreen content because quizzes are interactive. Readers and customers are attracted to quizzes because quizzes are engaging and personalized. Brands often use quizzes to help potential customers make buying decisions. For instance, a car dealership integrates a quiz to assist potential buyers in the vehicle selection process.

What Evergreen Content is Not:

  • News articles
  • Latest clothing and fashion trends
  • Statistics reports that are likely to change
  • Posts focused on a specific holiday or season
  • Articles on a current trend or pop culture fad

Examples of tried-and-true evergreen article ideas:

  • Food
  • Pet Care
  • Parenting
  • Weight Loss
  • Jobs and Careers
  • Love and Romance
  • Finance/Saving Money

Long-Form is Far Superior to Short-Form

In an internet landscape where short social media posts are the norm, evergreen content stands out as different. The articles are typically longer, and there’s a good reason for this. More words allow elaboration on the subject, incorporate more natural keywords, and establish the content as the premier source on the subject and the author as the thought-leader. It’s imperative that you don’t compromise quality for length, though.

Using superfluous language just for the sake of extending the length of an article does no good. When you’re creating something that’s meant to last, there are no cheap words. High quality, long-form content should be your goal when creating evergreen content.

Target the Content to the Customer

Evergreen content is usually designed to reach your customers. Create content that is relatable especially if the subject is shared and enjoyed by the target market – regardless of the target market. If the target audience is your current customer base, then write the content accordingly. In the case of current customers the content should support the customer’s buying behavior. If you’re writing for your industry peers, for example, then industry-specific content may be utilized. In short, know the audience to whom you are communicating!

Develop a Traffic Acquisition Strategy

A strategy must be created and implemented that drives traffic to the content – this is of paramount importance. Going hand-in-hand, the content needs to be the highest quality so once visitors discover the content return visits to your company website will occur. Creating an increase in traffic to your organization’s website takes time. Be patient, eventually your firm will experience long-term returns and increased organic sharing of your website content. If the content is extremely compelling or great value, then the content may even go viral.

Start Creating Stellar Evergreen Content Today

Creating high-quality long lasting content that retains value for readers is not that difficult. Incorporate a strategy and be consistent. In the long-run, high-quality evergreen content is able to act as a catalyst for exponential growth to your firm’s website.


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