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Enhance your Company’s Online Presence


You have probably passed by many articles dealing with how beneficial blogging can be, it is true – incorporating a blog on your firms’ website will improve your company’s presence on the web. A blog improves the dynamic nature of websites because due to adding new posts to a blog the content is consistently changing. Dynamic content improves the relevance of websites on the internet. I feel I should add a very important point, posts that are placed on any blog must be well-written, captivating, and capitalize on the interactive nature of a blog. Therefore, create content that starts a conversation.

Ask those that consistently blog and those users would probably provide you with quite a list supporting the value of hosting a blog. Let’s take a look at some of the big reasons why blogging is so important.

Incorporates into Company Website

The process starts easily by creating a new page on your website dedicated to your blog. Therefore, with relative ease a business blog can be integrated into your already existing website. For those that have an existing blog on a third-party platform, you can either link or import the blog to the organization’s website.

Simple to Start

Blog posts do not necessarily have to adhere to a company style-guide and much more to the point, open to the creative process. Blog posts needn’t be extensive in length and the subject matter can range from announcing new products and/or services, or news related to your firm’s industry. Be sure the posts are related in some way to your industry and of interest to existing customers as well as potential customers and clients.

Marketing/Communication Channel

A blog offers one more marketing and communication channel for your organization. Tracking response on your blog, visitor activity and feedback measurement allows you to understand how your blog is performing. Blogs are an excellent platform for informal messages from key executives, accomplishments of teams and team members or a channel for business messaging. As you can see a blog can add a new dimension to your marketing communication.


A blog is flexible purely because the platform can be utilized to communicate your brand voice, corporate messaging, or as a forum for teams to professionally express themselves. Think about this, blogs provide your business yet another way to announce internal developments that typically may not have found their way into the company website. As you have ascertained, a blog is able serve a wide range of needs, whether congratulating and celebrating employees to announcing a new business ventures and partnerships.

Be an Industry Leader

A dynamic and cutting-edge business blog projects the personality of an organization. A well-conceived blog can help you build thought leadership and credibility of your organization to current and potential customers and business associates, clients, employees, or investors.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

A well-written blog post on a good blog can attract visitors via search engines. Your blog can improve your company’s relevance by positively affecting the rank for a number of keywords for which your business website may not. New visitors to your blog via keywords can be directed to your business website. This in turn increases your firms’ reach, awareness, image, and brand.

Enhance your company’s online presence – Capitalize on the power of blogging.


Provide B2B and B2C marketing and copy-writing consulting services. • Rewrote all content for Innovative Dream Builders, Inc. website. • Rewrote client-selected content for 21st Century Goods LLC website. • Over 3 month period my blog experienced a 56% increase in visitors. • Rewrote and edited all content for Orion Home Improvements LLC website. • Composed and edited solicitation letters for Graham and Graham LLC.

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