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Analyze Potential Employer’s Company Websites


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When it comes time to find a job, most of us are looking everywhere, in every type of industry, doing every type of work we could possibly be maybe qualified to do. The job hunt typically means getting that exciting email from a company and then immediately going to that company’s website. There are lots of different things running through your head, but the bottom line is this: Do I really want to work for this company?

The old saying beggars can’t be choosers still rings true, however it’s important you don’t get yourself in with a company that isn’t very reputable or doesn’t offer honest, quality services. No matter how nice that email sounded or how professional the woman on the phone seemed, you can tell a lot just by the company website. A few website analysis skills will go a long way.

Top Things to Consider When Analyzing a Company Website
Analyzing a website of a potential employer is actually quite easy and does not take much time. It’s always worth it to still go on an interview if you get that far, but it helps to go in with an idea of what is going on with the website. A few things to consider include:

Look at the company’s blog. Here you want to look for quality as well as quantity as well as frequency. If the content is poorly written or incorrect, you can bet that the company either:

  • Is too lazy to maintain a blog
  • Doesn’t know what it’s talking about

You want there to be a lot of content if it is an older company, which means they should post frequently (at least three times per week).
Download a browser extension. The Moz SEO browser extension is a great way to see the authority of a blog. In other words, see if the blog is utilizing good SEO practices and in good standing with Google.

Check out the reviews and the people leaving the reviews. Reviews regarding a company’s services or products can be very telling, however don’t stop there. Check out who is doing the reviewing by visiting Google+ profiles, etc. to see if they are actually reputable.

It’s important to remember that not all of the following are prerequisites for a good company. Some companies are new and working towards these things, but others have clearly been around for a while and ignored their websites.

Are you looking for a job and checking out a lot of company websites? What have you discovered to be key indicators regarding to how the company operates?


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