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Graphically-Speaking – How Does Design Fit Into Marketing?

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The Role of Graphic Design in Marketing and Business

Minuteman Press Witbank refers to the role of graphic designers in the following fashion.

Graphic design is an essential and powerful tool in marketing and business. The fact is consumers are overloaded with advertisements and information. Therefore graphic designers are becoming increasingly adept at creating dynamic, attention-grabbing designs for marketing campaigns.

You are aware that graphic design is more than simply whipping up one-of-a-kind magazine ads or corporate logos, right? Graphic designers are accountable for accurately communicating the client’s image and brand. Designers must consistently use creativity; innovation and originality to stay on the cutting-edge of design trends.

Various functions and responsibilities of a graphic designer:

  • Responsible for creating and maintaining the client’s brand identity. Graphic designers are very often given the task to ensure that all marketing materials adhere to and are consistent with the client’s existing identity. In most cases the identity is established long before the designer begins working for the client. So it goes without saying that the designer’s job is to make sure that every piece of communication is consistent with the layout and character set forth by the client.
  • Marketing Advisor – yes, many marketing specialists and business owners have given ideas and concepts on how a product or service should be communicated to potential and existing customers. The task of properly and effectively completing the marketing objective is up to the graphic designer as well. The designer needs to provide input and advice concerning the visual elements. Something that sounds great around a boardroom table might not be realistic in terms of design, space and execution and you will need to give your two cents when necessary.
  • Graphic design in today’s society has actually become invaluable thanks to the contribution it makes in business. Simple things like stationary, business cards and catalogs are vital business investments that a graphic designer can help you perfect.


The Role of Graphic Design in Your Marketing Plan

Julie Jefferson, Lead Graphic Designer with CMBS Global, defines the role of graphic designer at the very beginning of the process – in the marketing plan.

Jefferson states, “Many marketing plans look great on paper but will fall far short of success without the integration of quality graphic design. Consumers are bombarded with an abundance of information and visuals on a daily basis. Great design is critical in portraying your company mission and placing a lasting image in the eyes of your target audience.”

Jefferson asks, “How will you make your business stand out in such a sea of information?” She answers that supporting your marketing plan with strategic graphic design will effectively reach your target audience and capture their attention.

Here are a few factors that Julie Jefferson suggests you consider when choosing a Graphic Artist or Graphic Design Team:

  • A capable Graphic Design Team specializes in both web and print design
  • A talented team successfully combines all the elements of good design – balance, layout, illustration, color, photo retouching, typo styles, and file formats
  • Graphic Artists should be able to assist you in creating logos, PPT presentations, ads (both online & print), mailers, flyers & brochures, postcards & greeting cards and other promotional materials
  • The role of the Graphic Design Professional is to provide you with high quality graphic design that will enhance your marketing efforts and produce great results!

The following is some great input I received from various business/marketing experts via LinkedIn.

Chris Strom – Principal at ClearPivot – Denver, CO

“It (graphic design) plays a key role in the aspect that if a marketing campaign does not catch the eye of those being marketed then the campaign does not convert. Though a campaign may be memorable in other aspects it never hurts to have good graphics to go with it. The main thing is to make sure that the budget isn’t blown on graphics and that a balance is found.”

Khary Campbell – Investment Referral Agent at Profit Clicking – Atlanta, GA

“Graphic design plays a huge role in EFFECTIVE marketing. Most people are visual and have trouble interpreting the aim of several complex marketing campaigns. But, it can all be summed up in one related image ad. Plus, it increases your professionalism and credibility when you have a high quality graphic that represents your company or campaign.”

Gohar Harutyunyan, MBA – Marketing Manager at Bifortis – Armenia

“This year we started to pay more attention on graphics in our marketing campaigns and I can tell you that it really plays a big role. To explain or inform about your service, industry, etc. in graphics in eye catching manner gains the attention of your future customers, as they, mostly, don’t have a time to read long texts. But the hard thing is that you should really be creative in presenting the graphics.”

Paul Hooper-Kelly – Internet marketing training at The Unfair Advantage Club – Ringwood, Hampshire, England

“Its role is vital – and here’s why …

Buying is an emotional experience and the emotional part of the brain thinks in pictures. So, by using graphics, you zoom straight to your prospect’s emotional sweet spot, which makes closing the sale that much easier. That’s why video sales letters can increase conversion by as much as three times.

If a picture so worth a thousand words, think how much a MOVING picture is worth. And you can add music to a video, to ramp up the emotional experience to fever pitch.”

Christine Smith – Payroll Software, Time & Attendance Marketer – West Palm Beach, FL

“It is crucial…simply stated it goes back to the saying “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

Jason Dick – Internet Fraud Specialist, Writer/Editor, Volunteer – Seattle, WA

“Graphic design is important in marketing more so in certain industries than others. It’s always something that should be considered. But, there are a lot of sites out there that consist of nothing more than links and directories and have some of the highest SEO out there. As a content writer, I would hardly ever want to put my words on a site that didn’t look elegant and professionally done or have some creative spin to it.

That being said, low page download time is much more important than graphic design. Designers who fill their pages up with animations and heavy contents of graphics will likely never have these seen by anyone, because the site will be clicked off of before it is loaded.

Page load time is a huge factor in SEO and anyone who ignores this does this at their own peril. Like most things in the world, it’s all about balance.”

Lionel Gibbons – VP Marketing at StackIQ – San Diego, CA

“Message matters. Story matters. And graphic design communicates a campaign’s story & message effectively. We are a visual-centric society, and well-designed visuals capture the attention of our audience so we can deliver our message.”

Raquel I. – Marketing Administrator at Richards Mining Services – Perth, Australia

“Marketing is the idea (the thought/strategy in the marketers mind), Graphic Design is that idea materialized in a way that others can see it. Pair a great Marketer with a great Graphic Designer and you have a killer duo. 🙂 “

Arya Ingvorsen – Director of The Marketing Forge Ltd – Guildford, United Kingdom

“Actually, I find that great graphic designers (and I work with a fabulous creative director) interpret the brand strategy and marketing communications so that the a brand has maximum target audience appeal. We have worked in areas where fantastic design has elevated not only a client’s brand, but the status quo in the industry too.”

Tim Derian – President at Vivid Greetings Ltd. – Vancouver, Canada

“The power of aesthetics in marketing is too often underestimated.”


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