Feb 14

Overall Benefits to Hybrid Cloud Back-Up


IBM Cloud Computing

How about maybe we define what a hybrid cloud backup is. A hybrid cloud backup is a combination of private and public backup solutions that can be used to form an efficient and robust platform. Hybrid cloud backup solutions can be affordable for businesses of any size.

On the side of private cloud solutions, end-users have a local device that acts as a NAS (Network-Attached Storage) unit backing up data locally while simultaneously data is transferred off-site to a secure, third party cloud. What sets these units apart from a typical NAS unit? Hybrid cloud providers also apply complex data de-duplication, compression, file conversion, and other processes which are unique to each vendor.

A hybrid cloud backup solution helps to:

  • Optimize the backup process
  • Minimize local bandwidth reduction
  • Reduce storage space on local devices
  • Reduce storage space on off-site servers

All of these processes make data recovery as efficient and quick as possible, both locally and in the cloud.

The public cloud aspect is comprised of a data center infrastructure developed by the cloud provider. Mirrored backup images from local backup devices are stored and archived in proprietary data centers. Proprietary data centers can be accessed in the event that backup records are not available locally as in the case of a natural disaster.

Be aware that having the cloud infrastructure developed by a third party is valuable to end-users because through economies of scale a backup cloud vendor is able to provide space in the cloud at a lower cost per GB than the average MSP. This factor enables IT service providers and the providers clients to leverage cloud storage, without having to pay high monthly fees. Another advantage of utilizing third party technology is that end-users and MSPs need not worry about maintenance of the cloud; that liability lies entirely with the vendor.

All in all, the hybrid cloud backup platform encapsulates the best of the private and public models to form a feature rich, highly efficient, and affordable system.


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