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King LASIK Dedicated to Giving Back to the Community.


I recently provided this press release to a colleague for King LASIK.

Website: http://www.kinglasik.com/

King LASIK realizes that with the firm’s specialized skills comes great responsibility to give back to the community. Dr. Joseph King of King LASIK considers helping others improve quality of life an honor. King LASIK helps improve patient’s quality of life by performing needed LASIK eye surgery. Dr. King and his experienced team are partnered with various charitable organizations dedicated to improving the lives of the underprivileged. King LASIK recognizes that many people around the world are not able to receive the medical and vision correction treatments they need. Here is a partial list of the organizations King LASIK supports:

•    Lurana Shelter
•    Sail for the Cure
•    Climb for Clean Air
•    Edmonton Salutes Program
•    Children’s Miracle Network
•    Eyeglasses Recycling Program
•    Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure
•    Free LASIK for 20 Service Members
•    17th Annual Walk/Run for the Animals
•    King LASIK’s Kathy Vuu, OD, Medical Mission Trip to Third World Countries

King LASIK is proud to serve these valuable causes with an excellent reputation, thousands of eyes of experience, high-quality results, number of years in practice and a low-rate of LASIK enhancements. These are the same demanding qualities required of all King LASIK surgeons.

As an accomplished LASIK surgeon, Dr. King understands that the best surgical results can be achieved through all-laser, blade-free vision correction procedures that are customized to each patient’s visual needs. Hand in hand, King LASIK also acknowledges that the best surgical results can be achieved through customized procedures. To that end, King LASIK creates a personalized treatment plan for each Seattle and Vancouver laser eye surgery patient.

Some of the factors King LASIK takes into account with each patient include:
•    Overall health
•    Lifestyle preferences and profession
•    Refractive errors (degree of nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism)

The King LASIK team uses sophisticated diagnostic devices to measure an eye’s imperfections and create a very precise corneal map that guides the laser. The precise corneal mapping ensures that the patient’s refractive errors are corrected properly. As a result, a vast majority of Dr. King’s patients achieve 20/20 vision or better after surgery.

King LASIK’s medical team realizes that many patients are apprehensive about undergoing any type of eye surgery. In order to alleviate patients’ anxiety, the staff carefully explains exactly what will happen during surgery. The medical team also encourages patients considering LASIK to ask as many questions as possible. A thorough patient preparation process ensures that patients feel relaxed, confident and well taken care of on the day of their treatments.

King LASIK is a long-time supporter of community and global charities and cares very much about the patients that the clinics serve. To set up a free LASIK consultation contact King LASIK at 877-551-2020 and learn how to get the best eyesight possible for the rest of your life. You can also find more information online at http://www.kinglasik.com/. King LASIK has six locations throughout the Pacific Northwest and Western Canada. The locations are:

•    Seattle, WA
•    Tri-Cities, WA
•    Portland, OR
•    Vancouver, BC
•    Victoria, BC
•    Edmonton, AB



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