May 16

Blogging – In-House or Out-Source?








Maybe you are one of those people that have wanted your company to take advantage of a blog, yet you tell yourself:

  • I don’t have the time
  • I don’t have anything to say
  • I don’t have confidence in my writing skill
  • I don’t have anyone on staff to write and manage a blog

Here are 3 considerations in deciding if hiring a copywriter is an effective strategy for your company.

  1. Copywriter is specific task that requires a specific skill set
  2. Hiring a copywriter can be very affordable and adjusted depending on your needs of your firm
  3. Content writing specialists are content development experts


It goes without saying that I strongly suggest you either make the time or find an experienced copywriter to write the blog for your company.  If you choose the copywriter option, shop around. Don’t necessarily hire the first copywriter you find. Just like any contract job, have your prospective writers provide:

  • References
  • An estimate
  • Writing samples

If you are still on the fence about getting a professional to help you with copy, how about a list of the top-5 reasons why you should pull the trigger and hire a professional copywriter to assist in making your company standout.

1. Winning and Professional Copy

There is a definite nuance to marketing copy-writing. This holds true in traditional or digital forms of media. Simply because you are an experts in your industry does not necessarily give you all the require skill to communicate with your company’s customers. When you have a complicated problem with your car or need to have your roof replaced, do you do the job yourself? Chances are the answer is, “No”. You bring in an expert, correct? Providing effective content writing for your firm is no different.

A copywriter will assist you by writing attractive and direct information designed to get speak to your organizations target market(s) and provide results. Hire somebody with a varied content writing background to give your website the best possible chance at success.

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Especially when providing content for your company website, a professional content writer emphasizes on keywords and phrases which are commonly used by consumers on Google. Carefully select the correct keywords and phrases. A seasoned content writer will guide you to discover the optimum keywords to boost your organization’s website presence on Google.

3. Readability

What comes along with contracting a professional written content specialist? You will receive a quality of writing which you may not be able to produce on your own. Copy-writing experts possess specific skill to formulate ideas and create content to fit a designated marketing strategy. Even if you are able to write, you will be better off focusing on your area(s) of expertise and put your trust in an experienced content writer. Why take the risk when you can benefit from the skills and nuance that can only be derived from a professional writer?

4. Structured and Organized Writing

One of the most common mistakes which people make is poor structure and poor headlines. A content writer will pick the most suitable headlines and the best format for your copy. Experienced writers have the know-how in not just proper sentence and paragraph structure, yet also writing specialists are well-versed page layout and the flow of the piece.

5. Proper Diction

This is the most obvious but also the most important tool in the copywriter’s arsenal. Choosing the right words for the right product is essential in getting you hits and ultimately, increasing your revenue.

Adding a professional content specialist to your team means that your business will tap into:

  • New ideas
  • A new resource
  • New and innovative initiatives
  • A new brilliant and creative mind

Once you have finished the selection process, you need only supply the writer with copy-points or areas that you would like researched, then the final version may be on your company website as an authoritative post by the contracted copywriter. If you are in an extremely technical industry you may want to review the final version from the writer to check for factual accuracy. You are the expert in your industry, right? Either way you go, in-house or out-sourcing your blog, just get the ball rolling.

Implement a blog, and get that conversation started. Your company will reap the benefits!

If you would like to schedule a FREE COPY-WRITING CONSULTATION, feel free to send me an email at [email protected] today requesting your free consultation. I will show you how I can help bring more customers through your door or to your website – or both! Please put SCHEDULE FREE CONSULTATION in the “To:” field.


Provide B2B and B2C marketing and copy-writing consulting services. • Rewrote all content for Innovative Dream Builders, Inc. website. • Rewrote client-selected content for 21st Century Goods LLC website. • Over 3 month period my blog experienced a 56% increase in visitors. • Rewrote and edited all content for Orion Home Improvements LLC website. • Composed and edited solicitation letters for Graham and Graham LLC.

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