May 5

Blog Baby, Blog!

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Are you one of those business owners or managers who don’t feel it is worth the time to create an authoritative blog for your company website? Or maybe you feel you have nothing to say? Or are you one of those companies that started a blog, yet you don’t schedule time or resources to consistently to post fresh content? There are experts that have uncovered statistics to show that consistently contributing pertinent and authoritative content to your company has many tangible benefits, one of which to improve your bottom line. That’s the biggie, unless you’re in business simply for your health. Here are just 6 reasons why your company should take advantage of implementing a blog:

  1. Improves website relevance on Google – There are many reasons why blogs can help drive customers to your door; however a blog is not the end-all. A blog must provide useful and cutting-edge content to be effective. For example, having a consistently updated blog will actually assist in your company websites’ search engine optimization (SEO).  How you may ask? Because as Google performs analytics on your website one of the things Google is hot on is new content, and content that is attracting visitors. Fresh content helps to improve websites’ relevance on searches through Google.
  2. Content can be shared on social media – An added SEO benefit comes when visitors share blog posts within contacts and friends on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter etc. When one of your company blog posts are shared on social media platforms your company receives a SEO boost because of back-linking. When a post is shared the web address of your blog is attached. The more relevant places where your web address appears on the web, increases the SEO of your company’s web address.
  3. Transform your firm into the thought leader – If a blog offers authoritative content, that company will be perceived over time as an expert in that particular field. Imagine this, other firms in your industry and potential customers coming to you because you are seen as an industry leader and a thought leader – once again driving business to your door.
  4. Tell visitors about your latest projects – Blogging offers a great platform to get the word out on your firm’s latest projects. Believe it or not, potential customers and current customers do want to know where your focus is concentrated. Potential customers want to associate and do business with industry leaders. Giving news about current projects fulfills this objective.
  5. Provides an efficient avenue to acquire customer feedback – Blogs also provide a fantastic way of receiving feedback from visitors, customers, or potential customers. Blogs can be used as a way of getting the pulse of your market and your customers. You will find that a blog is an extremely efficient tactic to gain vital market research. Blogs are a great tool to discover the valuable opinions of your customers and prospective customers.
  6. Nurture relationships with your customers – Because blogs provide an opportunity to receive feedback from customers, prospective customers, and visitors your blog therefore creates an interactive platform to initiate a conversation. This opportunity gives your company the ability to create more intimate relationships than through traditional promotional vehicles. You will find that a blog will help humanize and personalize your organization.


Here’s a real-life success story? The following was found at:

Ken Savage was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. In an effort to learn more information about the disease, and share that information with others, Ken launched the blog.

Ken is a search engine marketer for during the day, and during the night and weekends Ken blogs about developments in the diabetes research world and the importance of the prevention of Type 2 diabetes via diet and exercise. Ken’s wife does a lot of the research during the week, in what Ken says is a motivational tool to keep him on track.

What started as an educational project is now bringing in supplemental income, almost $40,000 a year – thanks to Google AdSense, AuctionAds and Text Link Ads.

The revenue generated from is split as follows:

  • Google AdSense : 40%
  • AuctionAds : 40%
  • Text Link Ads : 20% attracts 7,000 to 9,000 pageviews on a given day and Ken says that the majority of traffic comes from search engines such as Google, Yahoo and

WordPress is used to power the blog and after some basic WordPress SEO Plugin installs the backbone can be made very search engine friendly. Ken also practices strategic link-building, with sites like linking back to his blog.

WARNING! Don’t use your blog as a platform to directly sell your products and/or services. Use your blog as a forum to share and communicate particular issues specific to your industry or market. Utilize your blog to let customers and visitors know about products or technological innovations that affect your market and industry. These issues may be local, regional, national, or global in nature.

Next time: In-House or Out-Source?


Provide B2B and B2C marketing and copy-writing consulting services. • Rewrote all content for Innovative Dream Builders, Inc. website. • Rewrote client-selected content for 21st Century Goods LLC website. • Over 3 month period my blog experienced a 56% increase in visitors. • Rewrote and edited all content for Orion Home Improvements LLC website. • Composed and edited solicitation letters for Graham and Graham LLC.

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