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Black Friday 2011 – Some Enlightening Advice


Black Friday Shopping Tips

There are certain warnings that Black Friday shoppers need to consider when it comes to Black Friday shopping. Heed these warnings…if you don’t, do so at your own peril! Sounds like a pirate movie, huh?

Weigh Out Sales Options

Many shoppers are vulnerable when it comes to the actual activity of shopping. It is all too common for shoppers get too excited when there is a discount. Shoppers should take into consideration that sometimes it is not a good choice to buy discounted products simply because the product has been marked with a discount. It is essential prior to Black Friday shopping that shoppers do their part when studying certain products so that they can capture the best buy.

Set That Alarm Clock!

Many stores open their doors and start their sales at 5:00 to 6:00 AM. I have heard of some retailers opening their doors as early as 3:00 AM. 3:00 AM is for the REAL hardcore bargain-hunter – or they work the swing-shift. The fantastic buys can be had, and great rewards will be yours, if you are one of the first “beasts” through the doors. We’re talking bonus discounts, limited quantities of promotional items and value-added items.

If your body is not conditioned to get up at “oh-dark-early”, I advise you start your training program now. If giving gifts for your friends and family, and saving a few bucks “rocks your world,” then I suggest you make the sacrifice. Start tomorrow morning. Get up 15 to 30 earlier than usual. By the time Friday rolls around you will be ready…and don’t forget your coffee, and your wallet.

Inquire on Print Ads

Most of the information on Black Friday shopping is provided on some websites. A retailer’s website is a great way for them to stimulate interest in key merchandise to bargain-hunters. The items will have prices, and pictures with descriptions. Take this information, become a well-informed shopper.

Now think about it, you will be able to schedule and organize your “battle-plan”. You’ll have insights into what retailers to visit first, how much to buy, and how much it will cost you in the end. Then you can brag to everyone when the gifts are distributed of how much you saved…or is that tacky?

Check Selected Item’s Prices

Check into multiple stores for Black Friday specials. Compare and contrast prices that are offered by other retailers.  Do your homework!

Prepare For an Early Shopping Discount

This Black Friday 2011, there will be some stores that will present a special day for early shoppers that compromise a deal from 5 to 11 in the morning. As I stated before, it is important to plan and prepare for your shopping since there will be no more stocks of a particular product once the store has already run out of it.

There’re lots of freebies being offered. Watch for them. Free gifts, bonus rewards and discounts are being offered by many retailers on certain items and for orders totaling $50, $100 or more. Do the math. If you’re not good at math, grab a calculator. If a free gift or discount comes with a $50 order and you’re going to spend $200, see if you can make four separate purchases and get more for free.

Browse on Some Online Stores

Shoppers can find their convenience in Black Friday shopping since many retailers will be placing their products online which can be bid online. Most of the retailers are already placing their products online prior to black Friday shopping.

Check Retailers’ Rewards Programs

Retailers’ Rewards Clubs offer open membership and exclusive deals to bargain-hunting consumers who pay a fee to join. Members reap the benefits in discount prices. Check the Internet for the many rewards clubs available. Go to Google, Yahoo, or your favorite search engine and enter: Consumer Rewards Clubs in the search box.

Understand the Store’s Pricing and Return Policies

Several retailers have taken into considerations the shorter return due date and stocking fees. The shoppers should concede and understand the store’s policies since this will aid them in deciding where they will be able to get the best “bang for their buck”.

You may need to return an item or add a gift receipt to your purchase. Also, some stores mark their prices even lower when Christmas Week rolls around and that receipt may put some money back in your pocket. Take an extra wallet just for your receipts.  A coupon organizer with separate pockets also works really well to keep receipts in order.  Check out every store’s return policy while you’re at it. Some gifts may be non-returnable, some stores may only give you store credit, and if something is broken or a package is not complete, you want to make sure you’re allowed to return it at the price you paid.

Plan Your  “Shopping Map”

Do you need a GPS for dad and a Harry Potter Lego play-set for your nephew? Make sure you’re getting door-busters first. Start with your high dollar items since they generally have less of those items in each store. Also, plan which stores are a must and which you would like to hit IF you have time or additional money in your budget.

Stick to Your Budget

Do not go over your overall budget … or your budget for each specific person. Nothing is worse than going all out, only to get that credit card bill in January! Yikes. better yet, use cash whenever possible!!

Dress Appropriately

Make sure you bundle up if you live in areas where winter means freezing temperatures, cold winds and possibly snow. Bring your gloves, winter hat, and dress in layers so you can remove them once you get into a store. Comfortable shoes are a must! Also, do not forget to charge your cell phone!! Better safe than sorry. Hey, just sayin’


DUDE, this is so important!! I’m guessing you have allotted a certain amount of time for your ‘Day After Shopping Experience’ and have adequate childcare. I’m usually done by 10a.m. and on my way home I usually pick up donuts for the family…but that’s just me.

Bring Snacks and a Bottle of Water

If you have plenty of energy at 6 AM – good for you! This is especially commendable if it is not “coffee-aided”. What happens when 7 AM rolls around? You might need a pick me up. Bring some snacks. Hey, Boy Scouts know that’s true.

Bring a Friend

You can tag team shop and ensure you’re getting the gifts you really need. You can line up for double the door-busters or hit different stores with each other’s lists in hand. Also, as the saying goes… “Misery Loves Company!”  If you’re going to be up all night, you might as well be with a friend.

Advantages for Mobile Device/Social Media Users

“This year, mobile shopping holiday revenue will run between $2.2 billion to $2.4 billion, an increase of about 100% over last year’s figure,” reports Jill Dvorak Senior Consultant of Mobile Commerce, for FitForCommerce. FitForCommerce is a best practices ecommerce consultancy. Dvorak adds “That’s about 4% of total anticipated holiday revenue.” Take note of the shopping benefits your smartphone or iPhone can offer you this coming Black Friday.

Mobile shopping will account for a bigger share of holiday sales this year as retailers aggressively court this market. So, be on the lookout for exclusive and particularly attractive deals for consumers who do their shopping this way.

Retailers will be offering many exclusive discounts to the mobile devices segment of the market. For example, join a company’s Facebook group and get great deals at “member only” prices. Want another tip? Hunt for discount coupons, special offers and other promotional materials and place alphabetically in an email folder. This will help you buy efficiently and quickly.

A well-planned attack (shopping) strategy on Black Friday can make your excursion a prosperous one. It goes without saying…right? Good luck with all your Black Friday 2011 savings…oh, and don’t forget Cyber Monday!


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