Nov 18

Black Friday 2011 – It’s Not as Dark as You May Think.





It all of a sudden occurred to me that Black Friday is coming up real fast, so I felt it prudent to break away from my series on “What You Should Know About Doing Business in China” to provide some friendly advice to those of you brave enough to face the “shopping pandemonium” that is Black Friday. Just in case you’ve been “living under a rock”, new to the great US of A or just are in need of a refresher…I feel it is only fair to offer an introduction to the shopping experience that is known as Black Friday.

I was able to gather so much information I am going to spread it all out over a few posts. I wouldn’t want to be accused of giving sensory overload. The following installment will give you tips on how to get the most of your Black Friday experience. At this point I’ll give you the history behind Black Friday…how it all came about.

You may be asking yourself…when is Black Friday 2011 you ask? Well, this year November 25th gets the label of Black Friday…the day smack dab after Thanksgiving. I think you are familiar with this particular holiday…Thanksgiving that is.



Black Friday’s beginnings

The term Black Friday originated in Philadelphia. Some say that the concept of Black Friday is personified by the streets congested with loud and disturbing vehicles. During that day in Philadelphia, many employers allow their employees to have a Black Friday shopping day when in fact, it is not a holiday…but it should be. That’s a whole other subject.

In the United States, the Black Friday shopping experience always happens the day after Thanksgiving Day. Consider Black Friday as the “big kick-off” to the Christmas shopping season.  Black Friday shopping is known to be the most crazed shopping day of the year…if you ask me, the very antithesis of the holiday season. A lot of retailers need and rely on the revenue generated by sales made on just this one day. The majority of the revenue these sales generate is from volume sales on “early-bird” discounted items and impulse purchases.

The secret to uncovering the best Black Friday 2011 ads and deals is known to the bold…and undaunted. Whether you’re looking to track down the Black Friday print ads for Target, Fred Meyer or, I’m embarrassed to say, even Wal-Mart; you must embrace perseverance. The wise and grizzled shopping veteran will tell you, “He who hesitates is lost!



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