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If you have a business and your business has a website, you need to be optimizing the capabilities by the maximizing the SEO of your website. You know what SEO is, right? It’s one of those “buzzwords” that you need to know. SEO stands for search engine optimization. SEO, when used properly, will boost your relevance on those “oh-so-important” search engines.

You are probably acquainted with such search engines as:

  • Google
  • Yahoo
  • Bing
  • Dogpile

Well in the case of Google, websites are polled every month to month and a half…did you know that? When Google performs this polling the traffic to websites is measured along with other analytics. If you are not a patient person SEO is not for you. Why you may ask? Because…SEO takes time!

If you go and change too many features and/or content on your website you will not be able to pin-point why your site is either getting less traffic, or more traffic. My simple advice is you should only make one change at a time, then sit back and wait. Oh, by no means am I saying you should be passive about it. Promote your website everywhere you are able. Drive your customers, friends, neighbors, and colleagues to your website. Anything that will increase traffic to your website is more than desirable…it is essential. If you have a thick skin, ask people you know who visit your website these following questions:

  • What are their impressions of your website?
  • What do they like about the site?
  • What don’t they like?
  • What do they think you should add?
  • What do they think you should eliminate?


Here are links to three great online tools to help you with your SEO.

LSF Interactive

Google AdWords Express

Web Promo Expert


There are other great SEO resources on the web:


How about a couple real-world examples of what well-managed SEO has accomplished?

AABCO Service Appliance Repair in Gold Canyon, Arizona has reaped the benefits of quality SEO. How did AABCO go about benefiting from well-planned and well-managed SEO? With the help of DCRdomains a leading SEO company from Orange County, California. DCRdomains knows that SEO is vital to small businesses and the company’s focus is to place the client’s message in front of the people who need it most – local customers who are searching for a product and/or service. It’s simple, the higher the ranking in the search engine, the more apt customers will click-through to the client’s website. If your company isn’t on the first page of results, how will customers find you?

Research has shown that just because your business ranks high in searches, doesn’t necessarily translate to traffic from potential customers. Small businesses need targeted traffic. If a business is ranking for the wrong keyword then that traffic may not convert into customers. In the case of AABCO, DCRdomains analyzed the right keywords that would provide AABCO the best return-on-investment.

The second example demonstrates the importance of well-managed SEO as well. LifeLearn Incorporated has brought advantages to subscribing veterinary practices with LifeLearn’s WebDVM version 4 website design and hosting services. WebDVM offers veterinarians enhanced social media and search engine optimization tools. Guess what these tools permit the veterinarians to do? You guessed it…they are able to communicate more easily with existing clients and raise visibility on search engines to reach prospective clients. The WebDVM tool also lets those “social media” friendly veterinarians:

  • Update website content
  • Self-publish blog articles
  • Include keywords that enhance SEO
  • Link to social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Flickr)
  • Improve visibility on search engines

I would like to provide you with three major SEO tips that I have gleaned over the last couple years.

  • Internet spokespersons
  • Creating web-based lists of related businesses in your area
  • Posting content on other websites

There is a “little bit” more to implementing these tips than you may think, but with the proper assistance you can benefit from these tips in a big way. If you would like specifics on how to go about putting these three tips into practice don’t hesitate to get back in touch with me. These three tips will help to increase your SEO dramatically. These are strategies that experts are putting into action as we speak. So what are you waiting for? I would like to “shed a little more light” on your SEO. So, don’t be SOL when it comes to your SEO.




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