Aug 29

College Life vs. Life in Business











Just to mix things up a bit, and to keep you on your toes, how about now we look at the humorous “dis-similarities” between college life and the life of a business owner?

After formulating the commonalities between college life and life in the real world of business, I started laughing on the inside when the dis-similarities started coming to mind. Of course, some of the dis-similarities aren’t so much the differences as they are 2 sides of the same coin. That being said, you decide…and don’t be surprised if you do in fact laugh out loud. Don’t worry…don’t be embarrassed…they say laughter is good for you.

The Differences between College Life and Life in Business

College Life                                                                  Business Life                         

Parties and “keggers”                                               Networking events

Financial aid                                                               SBA loans

Professors                                                                    Clients

Graduate requirements                                            Required licenses

The “theoretical” world                                             The ”real-world”

Lab                                                                                 Presentations

School mascot                                                              Brand/logo

Call home for money                                                  Out of business

Get breaks                                                                     No vacation

Tutors                                                                             Consultants

Mutual satisfaction                                                     Mutual benefit

Taxed mentally                                                            Taxed financially


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