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Ah, RATS! Ugh, I’m Being “bugged” too! HELP!



Introducing an alternative to your pest problems

There’s a new player in the Puget Sound area, and pests of all sorts…BEWARE!

Introducing Day & Knight Complete Pest Control, pests do not stand a chance of damaging your home and yard. Day & Knight does their best to protect your investment. Their unique Perimeter Pest Protection Shield ™ keeps pests away from your home and yard, as well as keeping your home free of disease and structural damage.

Day & Knight Complete Pest Control is owned by Dennis Day, a state certified structural pest inspector and licensed pest control operator. Dennis utilizes what he calls, Integrated Pest Management (IPM). What does IPM mean to you?  That means Dennis takes the time to analyze your specific pest problem(s) and work with homeowners on a solution that works for them. What works with or is needed for one home may not work for another even when dealing with the same pests. Day & Knight Complete Pest Control’s unique control programs do not always need to resort to harsh chemicals and poisons. Day & Knight Complete Pest Control also will introduce you to the Perimeter Pest Protection Shield™ that can help your home be free of pests that carry disease and damage the integrity of your home. Dennis says there are two constants with all service requests:

  1. Rapid pest elimination results
  2. A program that works

Day & Knight Complete Pest Control is not a home repair company.  Their only business is getting the pests out of your home and yard.

Example of Day & Knight’s goals

  • Save homeowner’s insulation
  • Want to perform service quickly and effectively to the owner’s satisfaction
  • Let homeowner decide on the length of the pest management program

Day & Knight Complete Pest Control is a breath of fresh air to the pest control industry! Dennis does not have sales people call on homeowners. Day & Knight Complete Pest Control home inspectors design the elimination program and provide the individual service as pest control operator. This means customers receive very focused and individualized service from start to finish.

Who would you want it any other way?

Day & Knight Complete Pest Control is willing to;

  • Teach you how to take over the pest management
  • Supply you with all of the equipment needed
  • Share their knowledge and experience to be sure you keep pest away…for good

Just because they are bigger, doesn’t make the competition better.


Many large companies and most of the national companies use the same program for all homes. Their prescribed methods are combined with an unnecessary long-term service contract that can keep many home owners with a poor control program. Other pest companies also offer a high- cost for one or two visits, then followed by one visit per month with an extra cost for additional visits. This type of service to control pests seldom works.

That’s not all…


The large companies offer ‘add-on service’ items that are usually suggested including:


  • Home insulation replacement
  • ‘Preventive contracts’


These costs are normally in the thousands of dollars and many times not warranted. Some other pest control companies use hired commission sales people to present these “added services” and usually are not the same people who will be providing the services …BUT NOT Day & Knight Complete Pest Control!

Day & Knight Complete Pest Control is not a home repair company. Dennis says the only business is getting the pests out of your home and yard.

Instead of replacing insulation, their goal is to save the homes insulation.

Instead of long-term contracts they want to eliminate those critters quickly and let you decide to the length of their involvement with your pest management.

You can call Dennis Day for a FREE structural – pest inspection or perimeter inspection of your yard, for example whether you have:

  • Rats
  • Mice
  • Termites
  • Ants
  • Moles

Contact Dennis Day with Day & Knight Complete Pest Control and schedule one of their experienced and state-certified technicians to comment on your needs, or to provide you with a second opinion on your existing program.

It’s done right with Day & Knight



If you would like more information or to schedule an interview, feel free to contact Steve Whitaker at 253-670-1262 or by email at [email protected].


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