May 23

Part 3 of 3 “Mobile Marketing – Now You Want Real-World Examples?”


Hopefully what you learned from my pieces, “Mobile Marketing Parts 1 and 2”, support the importance of mobile computing and application development and have convinced you to at least consider using mobile marketing to provide you with a competitive advantage.

A PR Newswire article (Anonymous 2011) reports how mobile marketing is being implemented by remodelers, contractors and designers. Fanfare Mobile has launched a marketing platform, RemodelerBuzz. The article states, “The service allows these home improvement professionals to generate work in the neighborhoods of current and past customers by utilizing text messaging and the mobile Web”.


For example, a contractor is able to add a text message keyword to jobsite yard signs. These keywords can help entice passers-by to learn more about the project. This same strategy is experiencing growth in live entertainment, real estate and retail.

1. RemodelerBuzz


Here are a few advantages to RemodelerBuzz and similar mobile marketing applications:

  • Generates leads from referrals
  • Generates new business
  • Permits customers to interact on their own terms via smartphone or email


2. In-Touch Marketing LLC

The Lakewood, Colorado marketing firm is assisting local business owners who want to take advantage of explosive growth in new online and offline marketing techniques.

In-Touch Marketing offers such services as:

  • Creation and management of Google, Yahoo and Bing Place pages
  • Reputation Management
  • Click-To-Call tracking
  • Coupon creation
  • Reviews and Citation management
  • Google Boost and Google Tag implementation
  • Mobile landing pages
  • Mobile website creation
  • Mobile ad management
  • WordPress web design
  • Social media set-up and management
  • QR code implementation
  • Text marketing platform integration and management

Principals Rick Haussler and Patrick Smith recognize, “By creating marketing campaigns that not only increase traffic and visibility but puts forth maximum emphasis on client retention and brand loyalty”.


3. SkyWire Media Inc. and Boyd Gaming

An article in the January 11, 2011 of M2 Presswire reports Boyd Gaming will be using Coupon Connect to deliver profile-driven mobile coupons. What is the purpose for the coupons? To encourage an increase in customer loyalty and activity that allows Boyd Gaming to alert customers of new offers, news and/or information


4. The Travel Industry

A lot is spent by consumers on the travel sector, nearly $26.8 billion. It has been seen that mobile marketing is already having a huge effect on consumer’s trip planning.

Jon Schepke, President of SIM Partners, says the adoption of smartphones and tablet PC’s will be the tipping point. Schepke feels that destination, hotel and travel attractions should have a mobile strategy. He adds that those firms that adopt engaging and user-friendly mobile applications will attain a significant advantage in the marketplace.


5. TexTango Mobile Advertising

Business Wire, in a January 7, 2011 article, details the release of a new version of a mobile application free to BlackBerry and Android owners. The application pays users for sending text messages that include a small advertisement. The TexTango mobile advertising network compensates members for sending text messages.

Kris Golshan, VP of Business Development for TextTango asserts that, “We are finally able to compensate our members for doing what they do every day – texting their friends”. Golshan says this is a “win-win situation”.

This how the process works:

  • Member send a text
  • Un-intrusive sponsor banner message is automatically attached
  • Every text sent generates compensation from the sponsor for reaching target audience


These examples illustrate how mobile marketing is being implemented in the marketplace. You now have another tool at your disposal to market your goods and/or services. Mobile marketing applications are a method for your company to reach your target audience in the most cutting-edge, creative, viral and personalized manner in order to build brand loyalty.


Get an edge on the competition today!



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