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Part 2 of 2 “Testimonials – Hey You! Have You Thought About What’s The Best Strategy For You?”


Now that we have looked at some effective ways testimonials can be utilized, here’s a little more to it. Ready? Martin, Wentzel and Tomczak (2008) looked at how customers respond to testimonials. They examined the 2 most efficient presentation styles, and how consumers can be clustered together to take advantage of those styles.

I want you to read this very carefully, and think about how you could go about benefitting from the following information.



These guys divided testimonials as a tool into 2 groups.

  • Testimonials presented by a typical person.
  • Testimonials presented by celebrities

Consumers fall into 2 general categories:

  • More interested in the features and performance of the product
  • More concerned with style and benefits of a product

The correlation that was found is interesting as well as enlightening. Okay, what I really said to myself was, “Whoa, this is so cool!” “How can you take advantage of this evidence?

Okay, this is where the rubber meets the roadthe group of consumers more concerned with product features are more influenced by the endorsement of a typical person who has used the product. The category more attuned to style and product benefits tend to be more influenced by a celebrity testimonial. They also found that these style-conscious consumers are best reached with testimonials when these consumers are the target market.


Here are two examples:

  • A high-end clothier placing print advertising in the Puget Sound Business Journal using Pete Carroll as a spokesperson. Hey, Pete’s a real good cheerleader! Have you watched him on the sidelines?
  • A jeweler placing a QR code on a direct-mail piece for the demographic that includes repeat customers with a higher amount of disposable income. The QR code may lead customers with iPhones or Androids to an additional special offer.



  • If you tend to offer products and/or services that are more for a functional purpose, then utilize testimonials from real customers.
  • On the other hand, if offering that offer style (clothes, jewelry, cars etc.) then you may benefit from having your product or service endorse by a celebrity.

Either way you go, you will benefit from letting your satisfied customers promote your business. To help gain more customers for positive reviews, over-deliver and provide incentives to induce testimonials. Keep in mind 1 out of 6 referrals from testimonials will buy. These referrals will tend to stay loyal to you 4 times longer and will be two and a half more apt to refer you.

What are you waiting for? Start using those reviews, testimonials and endorsements. If you are not using them, DO SO! If you have not looked into acquiring these tools, start with customers when they buy your product or service. Ask for customer reviews on your website.

Use the power of your loyal customers to assist your company to long-term growth!





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