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Part 2 of 2 “QR Codes – “Ah, Who Needs ‘Em?”


You know? Come to think of it, you don’t need QR Codes? What have they ever done for you? QR Codes have never done you any favors. They just sit there like black and white two-dimensional barcodes. Hold it! That’s what they are! Maybe those Toyota guys really were on to something. Okay, come on into my little world…let’s give it a little scan. Get it? Scan? You scan QR codes. Oh, anyway, follow me.

You don’t have to be a tech wiz to create the codes for your business you know. The codes are able to be had on variety of websites. Watch out! They are like those famous potato chips…”You never can have just one”

Some sites on the web to create and track your QR codes are:


QRcode.Kaywa – lets you create QR code by entering the URL of your choice. Go ahead, it won’t bite. I tried it, and I’m still here. – gives you the ability to track your QR codes. That is a very important thing to remember when using technology and hunting wild game…you want both to be easy to track.

Tag.Microsoft – offers an application similar to QR codes. Don’t worry they work just the same. This is just Microsoft’s version of QR codes. Google Goggles lets you set up codes for Android phones and iPhones. Trapani (2010) says that Google encourages the use of QR codes by businesses. Hey, Trapani ought to know. She is a BIG proponent of QR code implementation used in marketing.

Re-evaluate the advantage of print.

Print advertising really brings out the full potential of QR codes. Why would I go out on a limb and say that? No, I’m not crazy. Consider this includes media like newspaper and magazines, business cards, flyers, direct-mail, stickers, menus, signs, T-shirts…if you can print on it, you can put a QR code on it. It also occurred to me, you know many experts have claimed that print advertising is passé. Well, QR codes have the potential to revitalize and re-legitimize print advertising. Think of it as linking analog forms of promotion to the digital realm. Wow, that cool!

QR codes are a great tool to link your customers to all your of your on-line assets. Put as much detail as you want in your codes, I dare you. Just think, these links are able to take customers to your website, promotional offers or to a blog.

Just check out this sweet little dynamic

QR codes have the capacity to direct otherwise passive viewers to take immediate action as in make a purchase, register for an event or take a survey. To induce customers to act on your offers, think about adding value to the transaction.

Utilizing this value-added strategy will also assist you in tracking the efficiency of the code that you implemented. If you are not able to measure it – you are not able to improve it, or repeat it (Foxy 2010). When it comes to measuring the effectiveness of any marketing campaign or vehicle, you have to be able to measure the response. You need to know who is responding, where they are responding, and even when and why your customers are responding. When I say responding, I mean responding as in buying.

Check out the links below to some great sites to provide more information and other excellent suggestions on how to use QR codes for your business.


Large or small, any business can benefit from applying the value-added feature that QR codes bring to the game. As the trend toward smartphone and iphone users increase, the implementation of QR codes will become more critical in your advertising/promotional arsenal. Hey, you can always use more ammo! Use your imagination.

Ask yourself these questions…

  • What innovative ways can you think of to use QR codes to differentiate your company from the competition?
  • How can you reach your customers in a whole new way?
  • What available tools can assist you in developing partnerships with complementary businesses for future success?

You get the idea!

In fact, you can probably think of some new applications for the codes. To put the importance of QR codes in perspective, try out this analogy. Not using QR codes in your marketing mix is like brushing your teeth without flossing…so go, try ‘em out!


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