Feb 26

Great Tacoma Entrepeneur


This content was graciously contributed by Patricia Mannie.

One of Tacoma’s early day promoters is Allen C. Mason. Mason Middle School, Mason Methodist Church, and Mason Street are all named after this early entrepreneur who loved the City of Tacoma and wanted to share his passion for our beautiful city with others. During the late 1800’s Mason was such a strong promoter of Tacoma he spent thousands of his own dollars each month advertising in newspapers across America attracting people and businesses to our great city. This type of advertising lead to new businesses opening in Tacoma, a growth in the population and the creation of clever marketing! Can you imagine what Tacoma would be like today if we had a similar promoter who loved Tacoma and gave generously of their own money to promote it? Imagine the economic growth, the new business, the restored buildings we could have. Is not this the same idea Mr. Mason had for a city he loved?

Patricia Mannie

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