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Feb. 4th “You Rock! Communications” post


Another great portion of “food-for-thought” from Patrick Williams…


Let’s take one from the request line:

“So there’s a customer who wants to do business with me, but they insist I drop an existing client who is their competition. What do you suggest?” – F.O.

There could be any number of reasons why a prospect would ask for, what seems like, an unreasonable concession. Problem is, you have no idea what their reason is.

So ask them.

When a customer asks you about conditions, options, or alternatives, answer the question truthfully (yes, no, or I don’t know) and inquire why this point is important to them. Then be quiet and let them explain.

For example, suppose a customer asks, “can you guarantee that we will have the exclusive use of your service in this market?” Your response should be, “we could (or cannot) do that; why is that important to you?”

One of two things will happen: either the prospect will talk through the issue and strengthen their resolve about the point (which means they are willing to pay more for it) or they will talk themselves out of it. At the very least, they will give you a great insight to their concerns about competition, and reveal what they value most about your product, service or treatment.

Ultimately, you will have to decide what you are willing to do to get that new customer.

So think about it now and determine your limit so you wont go past it when you are under pressure in front of a customer.

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