June 20

Everybody Needs Legal Documents Sometime!

Tiffany Darbyshire, owner of My Freelance Legal, doesn’t simply offer legal documents for the general public…oh no! Tiffany has extensive and specific experience working in document preparation for legal firms. My Freelance Paralegal is well-versed in helping independent lawyers and businesses with drafting legal documents. Below you will find an introductory letter/press release that I.

June 13

Introducing A New Paralegal Provider!

Hey, I’m not one to shy away from introducing people…so, I thought why not in this case! Below is one of the “welcome letters” I wrote for my client Tiffany Darbyshire. Tiffany owns “My Freelance Paralegal” based out of Fife, Washington. She has proven to be a great contact with whom to partner because of.